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With rising demand for lightning-quick deliveries and personalized shopping experiences, it is imperative to bring fulfillment closer to the consumers. A flexible, interoperable, frictionless solution will help retailers address present and future demand fluctuations without breaking a sweat.

GreyOrange seamlessly integrates advanced software and robotics, unifying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and people to keep inventory in motion. Our agile automation paves the way for an omnichannel strategy that intelligently leverages and optimizes existing spaces, resources, and systems.

Gain the flexibility to match modern demand variations without sacrificing current operating systems.

Derisk your automation investment

GreyOrange Pilot Program and Cloud Subscription Model address your specific needs without causing disruptions

Derisk your automation investment

GreyOrange Pilot Program and Cloud Subscription Model address your specific needs without causing disruptions

Grocery retailers have suffered multiple supply chain disruptions while ensuring delivery of essential goods to consumers during the pandemic. With the explosive growth in online shopping, businesses are restructuring store fulfillment operations to keep pace with increasing instant delivery expectations. Retailers are sandwiched between low-value items and high handling costs for fragile, perishable, and temperature-sensitive products, making it hard to keep fulfillment profitable.

Furthermore, reevaluation of in-store, click and collect, and ecommerce fulfillment must align with social distancing and safety norms. An intelligent, ergonomic, and sustainable automation strategy will change the game in grocery supply chain.

Fulfillment trends in grocery industry


Same-Day Delivery

Most online shoppers opt for free shipping and same-day delivery. The right automation technology improves fulfillment speed to meet margin pressures.


Temperature-Sensitive Items

Temperature-controlled storage and short shelf life of perishable items require agile fulfillment technologies.


SKU Proliferation

Storage complexity due to SKU proliferation adds to struggles. Retailers require efficient storage management with better inventory visibility and control.


Lack of Efficient Omnichannel Fulfillment

Varying demands from new channel mix need a customer-centric fulfillment strategy for real-time inventory visibility and faster last-mile deliveries


  • Same day delivery
  • Micro-fulfillment
  • Fulfilling ecommerce orders
  • Slip and fall accidents in warehouse due to condensation
  • Increased environmental sustainability

What are grocery retailers looking to solve immediately?


Here’s how micro-fulfillment solution operates for grocery:

In-store Micro-Fulfillment Center for Grocery

Store Purchase, C&C, Last Mile

Solutions and benefits

  • Manages ecommerce and micro-fulfillment center with real time visibility of inventory in motion and accessibility
  • Meet customer expectations and SLAs with a scalable and portable fulfillment operating system from GreyOrange that can convert any idle space into a fulfillment center with quick TAT
  • Intelligent and resilient technology enables plans in real time to orchestrate robots, humans, and its central brain – GreyMatter. It solves your demand variation and SKU proliferation challenges.
  • GreyMatter orchestrates waveless, real-time order fulfillment that is built to manage volume and express delivery SLAs. It helps to utilize vertical spaces for optimized storage in MFC.
  • Helps you with quicker TAT for in-store pickups, BOPIS, BOSS with better lot management and control

Dense vertical space utilization to maximize storage capacity from the same floor space

Quick and easy-to-deploy, scalable, portable solution for a faster speed to market

Double-deep technology to do more from the same space

Temperature-controlled specialized storage to hold different items in the same space

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