Expanding The Orchestration Of The Data And Actions Across GreyOrange’s Series Of Ranger™ Mobile Robots

From PECM (Issue 44)

In December 2019, GreyOrange, a global software and mobile robotics provider that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise fulfillment operations, announced the release of its latest Fulfillment Operating System, which integrates GreyMatter software with the company’s series of mobile robots.

This release embodies capabilities that optimise fulfillment for companies with omnichannel and e-commerce needs and increases store efficiency by packing replenishment orders according to individual store layouts and preferences. It also expands the orchestration of data actions across the Company’s series of Ranger™ mobile robots.

Ranger robots are developed in conjunction with GreyMatter software and use machine learning to adjust decisions and behaviour based on real-time observations. Additionally, maximum-life engineering ensures every Ranger robot delivers ‘last and learn’ value. Communication among the robots and the GreyMatter central system incorporates that learning, enabling the entire system to continue to get smarter.

Grey Matter intelligence is incorporated as a learning layer in the Ranger robots so that as they operate, they can adapt to what is happening within the distribution centre and externally, as order patterns and fulfillment expectations fluctuate. The robots communicate with each other and with the GreyMatter central system so it can continuously recalculate order fulfillment priorities and inventory movement patterns based on real-time factors such as order fulfillment commitments, actual fulfillment speeds, available resources and time remaining in dispatch windows.


“Ranger robots are developed in conjunction with GreyMatter software and use machine learning to adjust decisions and behaviour based on real-time observations.”


“Synthesizing GreyMatter with a family of individually purposed robots that are built to be collaborative with each other and with the GreyMatter hub makes GreyOrange unique in the industry; it represents the culmination of many years of intensive research and development by the Company,” said Akash Gupta, Chief Technology Officer for GreyOrange. “We’ve seen the performance benefits of designing artificial intelligence-driven software and mobile robotics together, so that each enhances the learning and adaptation of the other, rather than alternative approaches that simply interface software and robots,” he added.

By adding numerous adaptive-learning, self-learning, collaborative decision-making and analytics engagements to GreyMatter and the Ranger robot series, GreyOrange can more intelligently connect people, processes and technology to modernise fulfillment for throughput speed, scale, accuracy and yield.

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