Will multi-robot orchestration platforms transform warehouse logistics?

“Several years ago, GreyOrange began working with Gartner’s Klappich to research the multi-agent orchestration market. Klappich and GreyOrange actually coined the term ‘multi-robot orchestration’ to describe the new software niche, officials said.”


FreightWaves’ Noi Mahoney discusses the future of warehouse logistics with GreyOrange CEO and co-founder Akash Gupta and Gartner analyst Dwight Klappich. The article explores multi-agent orchestration, a technology that integrates diverse fleets of robots from different manufacturers, as a key solution for optimizing supply chain warehouses and fulfillment centers. Orchestration software platforms like GreyMatter enable real-time coordination and communication among robots and systems within the warehouse. 

A recent Gartner report suggests that over 50% of companies deploying autonomous mobile robots will have a multi-agent orchestration platform by 2026, reflecting the growing demand for automation in the logistics industry. 

Read the original FreightWaves article here.

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