3 technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of how things work: artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Greyorange combines all 3 to shape the future of fulfillment in real time.

Greyorange was founded on this fundamental truth:

You can’t meet modern fulfillment demands with technology built for a previous era, before amazon changed everyone’s expectations for immediacy.

In 2011 two young innovators with a passion for AI-driven software and robots decided to combine those technologies to solve problems in an industry badly in need of innovation. They chose fulfillment.

Now Samay Kohli, Chief Executive Officer, and Akash Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, are changing the face – and pace – of fulfillment.  GreyOrange has evolved from the right idea to a global force of innovators defining “what’s next” in eCommerce and omnichannel fulfillment, working in partnership with leading retailers and third-party logistics providers worldwide.

Robots In the Operating System, Not Add-Ons To It

What Samay and Akash understood that others didn’t is that tacking robots onto software built for earlier times improves fulfillment performance some…but not nearly enough. After all, those robots are simply hardware appendages limited by the capabilities of the software systems to which they interface.

Instead, GreyOrange delivers a fundamentally new Fulfillment Operating System:  One driven by an AI-enabled software brain we call GreyMatter that integrates robots rather than merely interfacing to them. Robots leverage GreyMatter software built into their core to communicate with other robots and with the central system, creating continuous feedback between the algorithms in the software brain and the real-time operations on the floor.  In this way, prescribed operations are continuously informed by alternate real-time options to ensure GreyMatter’s always-solving intelligence calculates each “best decision” moment to moment.

Beyond Yesterday’s Constructs

GreyMatter delivers what other systems can’t because it contemplates people and robots working together and is built on a language designed for capabilities fulfillment demands: 

  • Persistence to keep connections up and data flowing when communication points are in motion
  • Mobile-spatial awareness so robots, people and inventory can move around efficiently without getting in each other’s way
  • Decisioning that launches multiple scenarios simultaneously to consider lots of options in real-time to arrive at the best choice in each moment
  • Future fluid logic that leverages Artificial Intelligence and real-time data together to break free of hard coded Standard Operating Procedures. This fluidity underlies charting the best course when the planning premise is “it depends”  and enables adjusting what was planned to accommodate what is happening.

Integrating robots and AI-enabled software built on a language designed for fluidity and real-time decisioning directly addresses the most pressing fulfillment needs. Tight labor markets combined with escalating SKU volumes and accelerated shipping times demand moving past traditional technology to leverage a solution designed to fulfill the future in real time.


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Samay Kohli

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Samay leads our strategic direction globally and works alongside our visionary customers to imagine and create the future of fulfillment. His passion for robots and AI began while still a student at BITS (Pilani), India where he drew notice as part of a team that created AcYut, one of India’s first indigenous humanoid robots. Samay and teammate Akash Gupta began competing in robotics competitions across the globe, winning many honors including Gold Medalists at the renowned ROBOlympics. Together, Samay and Akash decided to direct their AI and Robotics expertise toward “solving a big enough problem.” They chose fulfillment, bootstrapping GreyOrange with investments from friends and family.

Today GreyOrange is a global leader in fulfillment, with customers, employees and investors around the world. Samay has shared his insights as a keynote speaker at prominent technology conferences around the world and was named to MIT Technology Review’s global list of “35 Innovators under 35.” Leading publications such as Forbes Asia, The Economic Times and Fortune have featured Samay’s story, which continues to expand through customer success across the globe. Samay leads GreyOrange from its US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Akash Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Akash is central to our culture of innovation. His primary focus is driving research and development and attracting the brightest talent globally as the company uniquely blends Artificial Intelligence, software design, robotics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and data science to transform fulfillment for companies worldwide. Akash leads innovation across three R&D centers in the United States and India from our Delhi headquarters.

While still a student at BITS Pilani, India, Akash teamed up with fellow student Samay Kohli to begin winning global robotic competitions, success that led he and Samay to found GreyOrange. He proceeded to build an R&D engine able to unite multiple software and robotic technologies to transform the fulfillment operations of companies around the world. Akash has led mentoring sessions and workshops at more than 25 educational institutions globally, including Stanford University, Louisiana University, MIT, IITs, and IIIT. Akash was named to MIT Technology Review’s global list of “35 Innovators under 35,” has designed and implemented an active underwater Sonar Stabilization System at the University of Louisiana and served on the Chief Organizing Committee of RoboCup 2011-2012.

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Alex Carvalhal

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Alex directs financial and legal operations globally from our greater Atlanta area headquarters. Alex draws on his extensive experience driving international profitability for SaaS technology companies to help shape GreyOrange’s global growth strategy and performance. Having served in key financial and global business strategy roles at leading enterprises such as SAP, Lenovo and Motorola, Alex has led a variety of key growth initiatives in Latin America and Asia, including serving three years as CFO and Vice President of Finance and Representative Director of SAP Japan. There he led strategies that triggered more than 90 percent growth in cloud business while also improving profitability and customer Net Promoter scores. Alex is an alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and has two MBAs from the University of São Paulo, one focused on Finance and Risk Management and the other specializing in Controllership. He also holds Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

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Jeff Cashman

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President

As Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, Jeff shapes strategies to drive global customer acquisition, market focus, revenue growth, solution delivery, marketing and customer success. He leverages the deep supply chain technology expertise he has built working with global enterprise customers to advance our customer-first relationship strategy, build solid industry partnerships and attract first-class talent.

Jeff brings 30+ years of supply chain technology experience to GreyOrange, most recently as the CEO of Ally Commerce, an e-commerce service provider for brand manufacturers. He also spent 12 years as an executive in Accenture’s Supply Chain Strategy Practice as well as 13 years as SVP of Business Development at supply chain solution provider Manhattan Associates. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Vartul Jain

Senior Vice President, Certified Ranger Network

As Senior Vice President, Vartul Jain leads the Certified Ranger Network (CRN) business unit in GreyOrange, which certifies a network of hardware and software solutions to meet the market-leading parameters in performance, efficiency, safety, compliance and total value already established by GreyMatter software and Ranger robots from GreyOrange. Unique in the industry, the CRN streamlines integration of modern fulfillment automation solutions and ongoing operating costs in multi-vendor fulfillment environments. Vartul previously led Financial and Legal Operations globally as SVP and Chief Financial Officer for GreyOrange. He has extensive expertise in shaping business and financial strategy for multinational companies, including Samsung Electronics, Wipro GE Healthcare, and General Electric. Named to the “Top 100 CFOs in India” by CFO Magazine, Vartul played an instrumental role in setting frameworks for successful global business operations for GreyOrange. In addition to completing Advanced Corporate Finance from IIM – Ahmedabad, Vartul holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an Associate degree from The Institute of Charted Accountants of India.

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Terrie O’hanlon

Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President

As Chief Marketing Officer, Terrie leads corporate and solution brand positioning strategy and demand generation worldwide. Terrie has driven marketing strategy as CMO for leading companies in both emerging and established markets, including supply chain, financial ecommerce, healthcare, enterprise applications and cybersecurity. Her supply chain experience includes orchestrating a successful brand transformation for Manhattan Associates, a global leader in supply chain commerce, inventory optimization and omnichannel solutions. She sits on the Board of Directors for Revved Up Kids, a US non-profit dedicated to the safety of children.
Terrie holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from Columbia University, New York, and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida, where she graduated as valedictorian.

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Ramya Sampath Sharma

Chief People Officer

As Chief People Officer, Ramya leads human resource strategies in support of the most important asset at GreyOrange – our people. Ramya serves as the company’s culture ambassador and a passionate champion for the talented team members at GreyOrange who are transforming the fulfillment industry. Ramya drives programs globally for talent acquisition, learning and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, and HR data & analytics, equipping GreyOrange as a foremost employer in technology that attracts, retains and grows the best talent. A proven people-first leader with 24 years of experience, Ramya most recently served as Chief People Officer for Microland, a leading global infrastructure services company. Her extensive experience includes driving human resource strategies for global tech powerhouses Intel Corporation and Accenture Technology. Ramya holds a Master of Business Administration from Xavier’s Labour Relations Institute and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Jyoti Nivas College.

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Gautam Pande

Vice President – Strategic Initiatives

As Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Gautam works in tandem with leadership team members and discipline-specific resources to define the operating goals and structure of strategic initiatives addressing market expansion, customer value, operational readiness or other focus areas important to our long-term success. Gautam brings to bear 13+ years of cross functional leadership experience in eCommerce, technology  and consulting on teams in India, the United States and Europe. As a previous food tech venture founder, a founding team member at Jabong (Rocket Internet) and head of marketing and business intelligence at Goibibo (Naspers), Gautam brings to our teams his multidimensional experience as an entrepreneur establishing global best practices for designing and scaling  previously unstructured start-ups so they can become data- and process-driven organizations. Gautam holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and a Master of Business Administration in Strategy & Finance from ISB Hyderabad, and while at Naspers completed the Harvard University executive program on eCommerce.