GreyOrange Cyber Security Caution Notice

GreyOrange has become aware of a fraudulent application and website using the URL or which appear to be maliciously targeting people in India in an attempt to lure financial investment in exchange for instant offers, incentives, or rewards.

This application and website contain unauthorized usage of the GreyOrange brand name and logo as well as photographic content and images from our GreyOrange website. This application and website are not associated with GreyOrange in any way and do not reflect any type of legitimate business engagement with our company. All interaction with this fraudulent application and website should be avoided. Any transaction conducted with it is at an individual’s own risk, and GreyOrange cannot be held liable.

Given that the unauthorized website makes use of our reputed trademark, name, logo, and images, we are working with the concerned authorities towards removal of this application and website and shall pursue all remedies available under the law against the imposters.