Autonomously driving safe, predictable, and efficient fulfillment operations

GreyMatter assesses the performance of material movement in distribution centers and orchestrates Ranger Intralogistics (IL) robots to move heavy payloads throughout flexibly and autonomously (up to 2,205 lbs). By dynamically adapting to business rule parameters, the software adjusts robot movement to deliver efficiencies, while protecting SLAs and the safety of people and materials.

The Ranger IL Lift robot is an intelligent and versatile Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) engineered to move a variety of payloads throughout a distribution center. By automating horizontal material transport, warehouses can focus on value-add activities and schedule deliveries more effectively to reduce material bottlenecks.

Making Intralogistics: Safe, Predictable, and Efficient

Greymatter seamlessly integrates with Ranger IL to ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) are consistently achieved.

Solving use cases across the distribution center

Dock-to-Stock & Stock-to-Active

Safely optimize your inbound area, as Ranger IL eases your need for moving your inbound goods from dock to storage location, and from storage location to forward pick area

  • Reduces horizontal manned movement
  • Consistent day to day throughput
  • Enable operators to focus on more valuable movement tasks

Cross Docking

Replace forklift based cross docking operations with automated movement, or augment your overloaded conveyor-based system, avoiding further cost investment in fixed infrastructure

  • Reduce transshipment times
  • Efficient traffic flow at pick up and drop off points
  • Reduce reliance on labor or fixed infrastructure

Recycling or Trash Removal

Return stacks of used pallets back to their point of origin, or remove large containers of trash material, preventing build-up at drop off points

  • Support DC’s environmental health and safety initiatives
  • Enable operators to focus on more valuable movement tasks

Returns Processing

Handle large item returns by delivering the payload from the returns inbound to the correct returns management area

  • Multi-stop functionality enables decision tree processing
  • Enable operators to focus on more valuable movement tasks


Ranger IL autonomously transports inventory payloads up to 2,205 pounds (1,000 Kilograms) among zones in a warehouse, dramatically reducing the need for forklifts and drivers.  DCs can meaningfully reduce – even eliminate – risks to workers and damage to inventory and infrastructure caused by forklift interaction and accidents while also freeing workers to handle higher value activities. Using its patented vertical motion Lift Deck™, Ranger IL lifts and transports inventory on pallets or in racks, cages or trolleys for maximum flexibility.

Ranger IL can transport inventory up to 2,200lbs

  • Closed and open pallets

  • Trolleys

  • Rollcages

  • Mobiles storage units (MSUs) and mobile pallet units (MPUs)

  • Gaylords

  • Pallet boxes

Ranger IL Specifications


Pallet Plate

Intralogistic Robots

Trolley Plate

Intralogistic Robots

Conveyor Top



Maximum Total Payload: 2204 lbs (1,000 Kg)
Maximum Speed: 4.47 mph (2 m/s)


E-stop, Field switching, Personal detection, Overspeed detection, Field muting, Safe limited speed


SLAM, accurate up to +/- 10mm using precision LiDARs

Operating Environment and Infrastructure

Operating Temperature: 0º-50º (32º-122ºF)
Operating Relative Humidity: 30%-95%, Non-condensingFloor: Standard concrete warehouse flooring with or without epoxy or surface hardeners.Max gross grade: 5%, Max step: 5mm, Max gap: 25mm

Battery Charging

Fast charging with automatic and manual modes

Robot Size and Weight

Dimensions: 1300x800x450mm
Weight: 300Kg (661 lbs)


WiFi 2.4/5 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n

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