How gStore Helps Omnichannel Retailers Harmonize the Online and In-Store Experience

GreyOrange CEO and co-founder Akash Gupta sits down with Sourcing Journal features editor Kate Nishimura to discuss gStore, a mobile app bridging the gap between physical and digital retail experiences. Watch the interview as they discuss the importance of visibility and shared data across omnichannel supply chains and retail channels, enabling retailers to improve efficiency and offer personalized in-store experiences. By combining customer data from online and offline interactions, gStore helps retailers enhance their understanding of customer behaviors and preferences. The app’s four modules focus on inventory management, workforce orchestration, in-store customer experience, and visualization and analytics, offering real-time data for informed decision-making and improved store operations. See gStore live in action at COS (H&M Group) and how it is helping to address the retailer’s pain points, including differentiated customer experiences, omnichannel fulfillment and employee engagement. Read the original Sourcing Journal article here.

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