Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

How do I have real time visibility and continuous control across my entire fulfillment center?

In the world of fulfillment, stuff happens. When it comes to your DC operation, you need to be an all-seeing know-it-all. See how you can you solve always-on visibility and control so there’s no dark corners in your operation.

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1. How do I manage day to day operations?


Capacity Planning

To manage on-field operations, it is important to continuously plan, observe, respond and preempt capacity and resources. GreyMatter offers capacity management that helps manage the order pool & capacity in real-time. Using this capability, the operations teams can plan the system capacity, taking pre-emptive actions to manage the key KPIs. GreyMatter inventory popularity and aging reports help operations team plan inventory put away based on the order patterns.

GreyMatter Solutions

Capacity Management
Fulfill orders timely by managing the order pool & capacity in real-time

Inventory aging report
Get inventory popularity & ageing reports

ORDER SLA Management

The warehouse manager’s goals is to maintain operations continuity, ensuring order SLA adherence. He needs to tackle possible order breaches using order controls and timely alerts. GreyMatter Order SLA management capability gives a consolidated view of orders across all channels and provides continuous insights into inventory exceptions, and order pattern and helps the manager take proactive action ensuring fulfilment accuracy and SLA adherence.

GreyMatter Solutions

Order SLA management
Handle Order SLAs and Possible order breaches

Active inventory management

Forward picking zone holds the active inventory that is planned for picking. Therefore, any forward storage space is a premium location. It becomes very important to ensure that slow-moving SKUs are removed from the system to make space for newer inventory. GreyMatter has richer insight and real time view of orders and it continuously optimizes the space in the forward pick zone to free up the premium space for more popular SKUs. GreyMatter triggers replenishment based on inventory levels at the pick locations. When the quantity in a pick location drops below its re-order point a replenishment task is generated.

GreyMatter Solutions

Advanced Replenishment Module
Drive efficiency with real time, stock-level trigger-based replenishment

Re-slotting & Dynamic Storage
Maximize storage space in the forward pick zone for faster fulfillment

Inventory Recall Modes
Keep inventory in Motion for adaptive storage management

Managing Performance SLAs

GreyMatter Optimization outlook gives an advanced analytics view to continuously improve the performance and utilization of resources. The performance can be analyzed at a granular level – system as well as operator level productivity and utilization analytics can be monitored, and this can be compared with set benchmarks. You also get complete control of all pick put stations, where you configure and manage pickings bins as per inventory and order needs.

GreyMatter Solutions

Optimization Outlook
Gain OPERATOR Performance Analytic Insights

Station Management
Gain Station Performance Insights and Control

Audit Capabilities

GreyMatter™ provides full flexibility to perform audits at a regular interval alongside the ongoing operations ensuring minimal disruption in pick and put operations and maintaining inventory accuracy. System automatically raises audits requests for the storage slots in which an exception is raised. GreyMatter™ provides different configurable flows to cater to different audit policies followed across the industry. Any mismatch found in the inventory during audit is communicated to the host WMS to eliminate inventory mismatches.

GreyMatter Solutions

System Suggested Audits
Increase efficiency by automating Audit creation

Exhaustive Exception Handling & Automated Audits
Handling of all exception scenarios by the system during Put, Pick and Audit

2. How do I run multiple process flows simultaneously from the same FC to serve omnichannel fulfillment (different order types)?


Monitor System Health

GreyMatter offers multiple tiers of safety capabilities for a secure working environment. GreyMatter Command center continuously keeps a real-time pulse check across critical system components that helps you maintain healthy operations and take preventive or corrective action when needed, thus creating integrated awareness of system health.

GreyMatter Solutions

System Alert Manager
Get Real-time pulse check across critical system

Diagnose and troubleshoot

GreyMatter Watch Tower gives a real-time view and status of the systems within a warehouse. The Alert Manager sub module notify breaches defined by the business in real-time. It works proactively to avoid any point of failure for on-time order fulfillment. The manager gets real time alerts and has the control to guide prompt action in order to correct or avoid breach situations.

GreyMatter Solutions

Watch Tower
In-time alerts for preventive and remedial action

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