Autonomous Picking Arm

Ranger PICK | Ranger PAL – Autonomous robotic picking arm

This category focuses on automating repetitive grasping and placing tasks across a wide variety of object form factors and fulfillment applications. AI powered perception, manipulation and grasping are the foundational technologies behind the robotic arm, robot arm or autonomous picking arm – as they are called, in this category which unlocks several applications such as unloading cartons/totes at inbound docks, pallet creation, vertical and horizontal each picking. These warehouse picking equipment or picking systems are basically an order picking system which help a warehouse picker with an improved efficiency and speed.

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Autonomous Picking Arm

Ranger PICK key specifications

  • Industry’s first vertical arm picking
  • No Pre scan of inventory required
  • Safety certified
  • Pick up to 15kg with dimensions of 10×10 to 40x40cm
  • Handle a variety of inventory
  • GreyMatter enabled auto order processing

Ranger PAL

  • High speed operations – handle up to 600 cases/hr

  • Easy integration with case picking stations, sortation stations, loading/unloading docks, packing machines etc.

  • Pick heavy payload up to 50 kg/unit

  • Handle a variety of inventory in form of cartons, cases, totes etc.


End effector

Pneumatic/Suction actuators


Robotic ARM with cell

Both options (Cobots & Industrial Range)
Both options available (PneumaticElectric)
Payloads up to 50kg/case (carton)



Rollover conveyors (Zero pressure accumulation type)


Docking pallet

Supports all types of pallet sizes (Euro, Standard American sizes etc.)


Undocking pallet

Robot Control Panel (Teach pendants)-Microcontroller or PLC based systems

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