gStore: Store Ops Software

gStore: Store Ops Software

in-store retail 

Ecommerce didn’t make stores go away. Far from it. It’s pushing retailers to make the in-store customer experience excellent – by providing the best of both the online and in-store models, all in one place. 

Welcome to the age of omnichannel. Where real-time inventory visibility – and the ability to put merchandise in the customer’s hands almost instantly – are creating success in today’s hyper-competitive retail world. Now, customers can buy what they want, where they want, how they want.

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Introducing gStore

Omnichannel retail – at the speed of eCommerce

gStore gives stores optimal inventory visibility in real-time, without integrating with third-party software like a WMS or OMS. Supported by an inventory strategy designed to maximize ROI. For a superior retail experience that combines the in-store, tactile experience – enhanced by real-time fulfillment capability – and the convenience of omnichannel options like click-and-pickup.

Delight in-store customers

gStore: Store Ops Software

A gStore at-a-glance

Exceptional in-store shopping boasts informed staff, smart fitting rooms and speedy checkouts – just for starters. gStore enables frictionless experiences that wow customers with tech-enabled stores that connect customers with the products they’re looking for – and ones they had yet to imagine but now love. gStore empowers staff to make timely suggestions – and access inventory at their fingertips – to facilitate purchases of higher-end products.

  • Smart fitting rooms with RFID tags identifying items customers enter and leave with
  • Easy purchases, pick-up and returns via click-and-collect, drop-offs and self-service kiosks
  • Frictionless transactions at the point of sale – and alternate pickup and shipping methods
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Capitalize on inventory visibility. Real-time, end-to-end.

Retailers get the best possible logistics operation not only for physical stores, but also for online – creating an omnichannel advantage that achieves critical business and fulfillment objectives, including:


Replenishing inventory based on real-time data

Connect end-to-end inventory visibility with intelligent order orchestration to maintain an accurate view of stock on the shelves, to be able to fill specific inventory as it’s depleted in real-time.


Scaling up to meet real-time demand

Expand pickup-from-store and ship-from-store capacity without adding staff – using in-store inventory to fulfill online orders.


Up-selling to enhance margins

Prioritize the visibility of inventory based on merchandising strategy – balancing availability of profitable items with more popular discounted items.


Boosting sales with enhanced store placement

Know what items customers pick up, try on and buy across locations to match product placement with in-store demand efficiently across the fulfillment network.


Optimizing space to enhance flow

Improve warehouse organization based on how inventory moves through stores at all times.

Maximize workforce productivity

gStore: Store Ops Software

With continued labor shortages, retailers must get the most value from their workers. gStore empowers staff and serves as a workforce multiplier by:

  • Equipping in-store teams to accomplish more through AI-driven tasks and real-time awareness of shopper needs and inventory status 
  • Training staff with the gStore platform to make their activities more efficient and help stores produce better margins
  • Increasing productivity and workplace performance with new, easy-to-use technologies shaping the future of retail

The difference between a brick-and-mortar store and an amazing in-store customer experience is simple: omnichannel capability. That’s the gStore difference.

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