Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Pick & Pack Fulfillment

What Is Pick and Pack Fulfillment?

Does your warehouse or distribution center routinely handle e-commerce merchandise? Implementing a pick and pack fulfillment system can help you fill these online orders faster and more efficiently, enabling you to provide better service to your valued customers. 

Pick and pack fulfillment occurs after the customer places an online order. Workers (or robots in an automated process) pick an individual product from master cases located on warehouse shelves. Then, they pack the item in the appropriate box or envelope and ship it to the customer. 

Fulfillment Challenges GreyOrange Can Help You Overcome

At GreyOrange, we combine AI-driven cloud software with smart robotic automation to help our customers meet maximum demand across distribution centers. We’ll keep your inventory in motion. Our solutions can enhance efficiency, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve order selection accuracy. 

We specialize in helping businesses like yours resolve the challenges of establishing a resilient foundation for an innovative distribution network. You’ll have the flexibility to expand and contract your fulfillment operations to meet changing demand. 

Benefits of Pick and Pack Logistics for Industries

GreyOrange can provide state-of-the-art robotic pick and pack solutions that meet the unique order fulfillment needs of various retail, apparel, manufacturing, grocery, home improvement and general merchandise businesses. We’ll tailor our AI cloud software and automation platforms to your company’s operational requirements.

The advantages of implementing an automated pick and pack system include:

  • Increased speed: Robots can start picking orders immediately. They can reach products in seconds without climbing ladders, moving pallets or struggling to maneuver in tight spaces. They also don’t need breaks to eat or rest.
  • More storage in less space: A traditional warehouse environment requires wide aisles to accommodate workers, pallets, forklifts and other equipment. An automated pick and pack distribution system only requires enough room for a compact robot to navigate effortlessly. You can create a narrower layout and add extra racking for increased storage capacity.
  • Enhanced safety: A pick and pack robot won’t suffer a repetitive motion injury, fall off a ladder, or receive cuts or bruises on the job. You’ll create a safer work environment and experience less unproductive downtime.
  • Cost-effective: While manual and robotic pick and pack processes can reduce operating costs, the latter can substantially reduce labor expenses. Robots can also use positioning systems and sensors to locate items with little or no lighting, helping to reduce energy consumption and utility expenses.

Why Partner With GreyOrange for Your Pick and Pack System?

Our automated picking tools and advanced AI-driven cloud software can take your business’s pick/pack fulfillment capabilities to a higher level. We’ll help you increase accuracy, speed and customer satisfaction, giving your business an edge in today’s highly competitive e-commerce shipping environment. 


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