Delivering on the scale, complexity and speed of modern demand is only possible through intelligent software that is always solving.

The GreyMatter Warehouse Management Software system continuously solves to drive optimal decisions, efficient orchestration and rapid execution across the entire fulfillment operation–so you’re ready in real time for whatever the market has in store.

As advanced Ai seamlessly integrates fulfillment software, smart robots and people—the system instantaneously models best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using machine learning and adaptive learning.

GreyMatter perpetually stores high performing outcomes, factors and resources calibration of ‘what works best’.

As every new scenario, with its level of character and complexity is instantaneously assessed in real time, high outcome formula histories are called up, tested, applied, rejected or fluidly calibrated for best fit and highest probable accuracy, efficiency and speed.

This dynamic knowledge base of data-driven information and best case workflows accelerates every future scenario process without starting over.

Powered by advanced fulfillment science

GreyMatter AI with adaptive learning, machine learning and real time algorithmic decisioning integrates with smart Ranger robots and other best-in-class robots to deliver high yield performance across every operational node. GreyMatter orchestrates the fulfillment software, robots and people across the robotic warehouse automation system for every fulfillment node, be it Omnichannel, Micro Fulfillment, eCommerce or Store fulfillment. It’s more than a Warehouse Management System or Software and is undoubtedly the brain of GreyOrange Fulfillment Platform.

Always solving, always ready for whatever the market has in store.

Ai-driven GreyMatter intelligently evaluates and drives real time decisions to orchestrate people, processes and robots --so your fulfillment operation functions in frictionless end-to-end performance.

GreyMatter orchestrates Ranger Robot and other best-in-class robots

Designed to meet you where you are

You choose the level of GreyMatter functionality and performance that supports your goals for expansion and growth.

Driven by advanced fulfillment science, the GreyMatter Fulfillment Operating System is flexibly engineered to meet you where you are with the progressive facility to elevate your level as you expand your vision.

Fulfillment engine

Greymatter is a waveless, real-time order fulfilment engine that optimizes resources (system, space, and time) for maximum yield–productivity, speed, and accuracy.

Pro Power Premium
Standard Process Flows Single Multiple Multiple
Exhaustive Exception Handling
Ability to Short Pick
Order Priority Modification
Productivity Boosters – Early Rack Release on the Last Scan, Sync Move
Picking Flexibility and Optimization
Batch Picking, & MSIO/MSLO Handling
Lot Management, Validation Rules or/and Business rules-based Control
Pending Inventory Management
Advanced Replenishment Module
Pre-put Application
Post – Pick Automation
Pick sequence strategies

Inventory in Motion

Inventory in motion helps you manage ONE inventory. This essential concept defines building ‘fulfilment-agility’ that is core to managing ever-changing order patterns, serving demand variance across channels, SKUs, and moments in time.

In short, Inventory in Motion helps you become truly omnichannel.

Pro Power Premium
Auto audit creation on exceptions
Adaptive Storage Management
Hierarchical Inventory Support
Audit Capabilities
Business rule / Policy-based Storage
Inventory Recall Modes
System Suggested Audits
Sortation by GTP
Custom Business Process Orchestrator
Smart Cartonization
Re-slotting and Dynamic Storage

Integrated Automation

Minimize working with multiple systems, or achieve integrated automation

Pro Power Premium
Multi Floor Operations
Cloud or On-premise Deployment Flexibility
3rd Party Hardware Integration
Command Center Access

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