The GreyMatter Fulfillment Operating System orchestrates and optimizes data, resources and processes to sync in continuous real time, linking operational awareness across every node of DC fulfillment.

This is the awarehouse at work.

In the world of modern commerce, nothing short of integrated operational awareness can meet the uncompromising new thresholds of accuracy, speed and satisfaction demanded by business and buyers.

Anticipate. Activate. Automate.

The awarehouse does it all. Always aware, always solving 7/24/365 technology automatically identifies, calculates and executes next best decisions for highest yield outcomes in continuous real time across every node of fulfillment.

Predict. Prescribe. Perform.

Because modern commerce is always changing, the awarehouse is always solving. Integrated awareness accelerates real time solutioning to exceptions and unpredictable events, without loss of velocity, volume or value.

Always aware, always solving.

The awarehouse: high yield fulfillment is the mission.

Find out more about how you can transform your warehouse into an AWAREhouse to prosper in the age of immediacy.

The GreyOrange fulfillment operating system is

the orchestrator.

The dynamic master framework that integrates and manages GreyMatter software + Ranger robots for cooperative system awareness, speed, agility, accuracy, dynamic workforce optimization and best workflows for high yield fulfillment results.

Greymatter is

the brain.

Always-solving Intelligence correlates, calculates and executes every next best decision to orchestrate and optimize inventory in motion with the flow of the floor.

Ranger robots are

the muscle.

The Ranger™ Series of advanced, Maximum-Life™ fulfillment robots intelligently perform, flexibly adapt and last & learn for an extended, durable lifetime. Task-designed for goods-to-person, movement, picking, consolidating, packing and sorting for dispatch: Ranger GTP, Ranger GTP XL, Ranger Pick and Ranger Mobile Sorter operate in combination with GreyMatter and your human workforce.

Inventory in motion is the

circulatory system.

Inventory in motion is the healthy vital sign of the awarehouse–animated by deeper data, dynamic decisions and demand-driven delivery.