GreyOrange Solution Builder

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The GreyOrange Solution Builder (GSB) is a web-based application that manages the GreyMatterTM fulfillment orchestration platform throughout its entire lifecycle, within any GreyOrange automation process.
GSB is designed to seamlessly introduce automation and tooling across people and processes, enabling faster information gathering, multi-agent solution design, and the subsequent setup, configuration and validation of the orchestration platform, complete with deployment capabilities.

Key Benefits


Centralized platform

Intuitive, UI-based tools for design, validation and solution implementation


End-to-end process coverage

Take full control of the solution lifecycle, from qualification to implementation


Powerful data management and versioning

Eliminate redundant overheads in communication and cross-team collaboration


Multi-agent orchestration

Design and configure based on your solution requirements



Validate solutions and their KPIs via a powerful emulation suite

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GreyOrange Solution Builder
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