Retail Tech is Elevating CX Unlocking Efficiencies


Imagine a store where shoppers can see and summon all their size, style, and color options on shelves and in stock without ever leaving a fitting room; where managers know what’s selling and what’s on shelves right now, and associates can learn while working on their own.

This store isn’t a fantasy. It’s in Beverly Hills, Calif., where retail tech at the COS smart store is already elevating the customer experience, optimizing omnichannel opportunities, enabling operational efficiencies, empowering staff, and evolving retailing whether in-store, online, or hybrid.COS is a division of H&M Group which stands for Collection of Style, with 271 stores globally. The brand, offering reinvented wardrobe classics and essentials, is leveraging gStore, a mobile-first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application by GreyOrange. The app helps its staff combine the ideal aspects of e-commerce and in-store shopping to provide unique and personalized experiences that customers want but can only get in person.

“We are developing and imaging how COS retail spaces can inspire our customers, both now and for the future,” says COS Managing Director Lea Rytz Goldman. “Our ambition is to pilot new technologies that allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ in-store shopping expectations. With COS Beverly Hills, we have seen first-hand how our customer experience can be elevated with tech enhancements.”

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