Delivering higher throughput parcel sortation for 3PL / E-Commerce / Parcel Courier

3PL/E-Commerce/Parcel Courier

GreyOrange sorter delivered higher throughput parcel sortation for 3PL/E-Commerce/Parcel Courier companies.

  • Problem Statement
  • The company wanted to manage the growing touch points without increasing the cost of operation
  • There was a growing pressure to boost the turn around time for Last Mile Delivery
  • Operational expenditures had increased the per-person productivity
  • The requirement was to do shipment profiling even at very high throughputs
  • Benefits Delivered
  • The GreyOrange sorter line comes as a standard product with modular parts, which significantly reduces the implementation time
  • With the linear sorter the customer managed to achieve up to 100% productivity
  • There was significant (up to 40%) improvement in workforce efficiency.
  • The solution enabled 100% profiling accuracy which lead to significant reduction in waste and cost overheads
  • Saved 15% space within the same area
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