Peak Season Fulfillment

Peak Season Fulfillment
peak season automation

Are you ready for the 2024 peak?

Although it has the profitability potential to be the most wonderful time of the year, peak season is often considered to be three months of stress, frustration and missed KPIs.

Running 10K+ bots at 70+ fulfillment sites worldwide has taught us a thing or two about effectively managing peak season. Through a combination of RaaS, fulfillment orchestration SaaS and 24/7 support services, our customers maximize throughput while minimizing costs.

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Customer peak experiences

What retailers and 3PLs have to say

Triple volume growth delivered – in half the time

“We were able to handle almost three times the peak volume compared to the previous year with 50% fewer bots than anticipated – in half the time targeted – to exceed every KPI.”

Peak volume achieved – with no oversight

“Senior site management fell ill, but GreyOrange onsite resources stepped in and stepped up, flawlessly delivering a max-volume peak day in 83% of the scheduled time.”

More orders completed – with fewer bots

“Our peak volume was 49% greater than the previous peak season, yet we were able to process this additional volume with 20% fewer bots than the previous year, with no hiccups.”

Achieve results that matter


Maximize throughput

Drive fulfillment to meet rising demand when it counts most


Increase efficiency

Maximize productivity to make your existing operations perform at their best


Reduce downtime

Minimize technical issues and achieve optimal runtime


Enhance customer satisfaction

Deliver exceptional fulfillment experiences to meet ambitious performance targets


Achieve cost savings

Optimize resource utilization and reduce overhead


Plan proactively

Be ready for peak season before it arrives


Boost flexibility and scalability

Meet variable demand by temporarily adding robots during peak seasons or seasonal volume increases

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