CPU Calculator

E-commerce growth has a substantial impact on fulfillment costs and margins for retailers and third-party logistics players. Retailers frequently ask themselves, “How can we efficiently manage scale and lower cost in our warehouse operations?” The answer lies in investing in a fulfillment orchestration platform (GreyMatter), which can significantly reduce costs of fulfillment operations.

Here, we present a practical solution — an actual tool that allows you to enter your operations data to determine the cost per unit (CPU) of fulfillment that can be achieved using GreyOrange fulfillment orchestration platform.

To better understand how the tool works, it’s important to understand the main components that goes into the CPU calculation:

  • Technology cost (subscriptions)
  • Rent/Mortgage cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Maintenance and services cost

The CPU calculation

Sum of (Technology cost + Rent cost + Labor cost + Maintenance cost) / Total units processed

The calculation of CPU can give you an insight into the viability of your current operations with general guidance to determine if robotic automation is right for your business.

Calculate your CPU with GreyMatterTM
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