Farmacia Tei Serves Customers Faster and Alleviates Labor Challenges

In response to challenges posed by rapid business growth, labor shortages and the need for fast order fulfillment, Farmacia Tei deployed GreyOrange robotic automation and GreyMatter multiagent orchestration (MAO). The impact was transformative, with a notable improvement in efficiency and speed across warehouse processes, resulting in faster order fulfillment and reduced turnaround times.

With GreyMatter’s intelligence and adaptability, over 70 goods-to-person AMRs respond to real-time decisions and accommodate changing workflows on demand. The implementation also led to:

  • Increased accuracy, minimizing errors in order processing and inventory management
  • Faster order fulfillment, which enhanced customer satisfaction
  • A reduction in manual labor requirements that resulted in long-term cost savings and the ability to redeploy human resources for more strategic tasks
  • Scalability that could accommodate growing order volumes without a proportional increase in labor
  • Optimal space utilization and product organization
  • Improved inventory visibility and control, which reduced the risk of stockouts and overstock

“At Farmacia, our decision to choose GreyOrange was remarkably simple. They seamlessly aligned with our needs, customizing mobile storage units to match our product rotation. GreyOrange’s robotic automation has slashed labor costs and enhanced scalability. Their adaptable bots and software, including support for the Romanian language, have significantly improved warehouse operations. Their expertise and commitment have made a substantial impact. GreyOrange’s unwavering expertise and commitment have proven indispensable to our success, making them an invaluable partner in our journey.”

Cătălin Maftei, Information Technology Manager, Farmacia Tei

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