What is Results-Driven Robotics?

GreyOrange robotic automation

Results matter. Whether your responsibilities lie within operations, supply chain, innovation or engineering, results like productivity, units per hour (UPH), on-time shipments and SLA adherence are constantly top of mind. 

Where are we now and how do we get where we want to be? 

That’s often the question prompting retailers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and other fulfillment-heavy operations to consider deploying or expanding robotic automation in the first place.

GreyOrange’s approach to automation is based on an overarching mission: to help retailers worldwide build the most efficient omnichannel networks. Our solutions are built around the results that our customers want – and need – to achieve.  And we back up that claim via three key pillars.

1. The Certified Ranger Network (CRN)

The CRN is a curated collection of fulfillment robots and other execution agents enabling each customer to build a multiagent and multi-vendor automation environment that will allow them to achieve their desired results. All agents are powered by GreyMatter AI software, driving the seamless orchestration of data, processes, people and automation to modernize fulfillment across all inventory points.

The “certified” in CRN comprises:

  • Direct communication and control over robotic technologies, which enables ownership of each bot’s performance 
  • A rigorous testing (including accelerated lifecycle testing) and certification process that ensures the reliability and resilience of these technologies
  • Guaranteed safety and security, with adherence to industry standards, such as UL or CE certification

2. GreyMatter Multiagent Orchestration

Gartner predicted that it’s the next big thing in warehouse automation: “By 2026, over 50% of companies deploying intralogistics robots in the warehouse will have a multiagent orchestration platform.” Media outlets have spent the last year covering the “rise of multiagent orchestration.” But in reality, many of the prospects we encounter don’t really understand how it works or the extent to which it can drive exponential results. 

GreyMatter multiagent orchestration is the backbone that enables our customers to choose the best-performing robots and material handling equipment (MHE) that will drive their desired results. It is inventory orchestration, order orchestration and fleet orchestration all rolled into one solution. And it’s AI-driven to continuously and dynamically execute the best next action and path for every robot, automation agent, person and order. That translates into results and savings that continue to multiply over time.

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3. Guaranteed KPIs

Yes, you read that right. And no, we’re not just talking about uptime (although that’s part of it too). GreyMatter orchestration ensures that robotic uptimes get converted into optimal fulfillment outcomes. And that’s why we’re the only vendor that contractually commits to outcome-specific KPIs, essentially guaranteeing that our customers get the results they expect (e.g., UPH, on-time customer orders, etc.).

At GreyOrange, our goal is to provide adaptable solutions that meet customers at various stages of their automation journey. It’s not just about bringing automation to customer sites; it’s about delivering on the promise of tangible, measurable success. 

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