Fleet of modular sortation robots

Today customers are increasingly expecting faster delivery for a variety of products at their doorstep and that too without compromising on their satisfaction. With unprecedented growth in volumes combined with peak demand volatility, businesses find it increasingly difficult to predict future demand. Sortation is a critical and complex step, especially in the order fulfillment process.

Introducing GreyOrange Flexo

The GreyOrange Flexo is a modular sortation system, designed for flexibility and portability. The system comprises of modular components which can be configured to create solutions usable for a range of applications across retail and logistics industries. The AI-enabled robotics system can be easily scaled up or down making it more investment-friendly and cost-efficient.

Benefits of adopting this flexible system

  • Managing utilization during lean periods

    The robot-based system can be easily scaled up or down which provides users the flexibility to match intra-day and intra week demand variations.

  • Lower Cost of Operation

    The ability to scale down means that the operating cost can be reduced during lean periods by running only the required number of robots.

  • Invest only for immediate needs

    Flexo system can be scaled up easily by adding more inducts and bots in a matter of weeks. This means you can invest when your business grows rather than investing for forecasted parcel volumes today.

  • Easy layout adaptability

    The Flexo system can be easily adapted to most layouts. This removes restrictions on the ability to automate based on the available warehouse space. Again since most the system is portable, Flexo users can choose to change the layout and move the system across warehouses if need be.

  • No single mode of failure

    The Flexo system has not a single mode of failure because of its modular architecture. This ensures high reliability at all times.

  • Shared Automation Resources across facilities

    The portability of bot offers the flexibility to share bots across multiple facilities based on regional peaks. This can significantly reduce the CapEx needs at an enterprise level.


  • Throughput Configurations: 3,000 to 12,000 PPH (Parcel per hour)

  • Parcel Weights: 15Kgs (33 lbs) scalable to 35Kgs (77 lbs)

  • Integrated Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning System

  • Automatic Charging

  • Powered by GreyMatter, A Decision Science Drive AI Software Platform

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Industry Engine | GreyMatter Core | Execution Engine

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