3PL Guide: Unlocking the Potential of Ecommerce Growth through Total CPU Optimization

3PL fulfillment automation

The magnitude and intricacies associated with ecommerce orders, including order fulfillment, packaging and reverse logistics, inherently contribute to substantial cost ramifications for third-party logistics providers (3PLs). In todays fiercely competitive landscape, many retailers actively seek cost-effective outsourced logistics solutions, thereby augmenting the demands and challenges faced by 3PLs.

At the same time, many shippers are consolidating their partnerships with a select few 3PLs. Their primary objectives include achieving economies of scale, cost reduction, and collaborating with technologically proficient 3PLs to facilitate efficient expansion and optimization.

Given the prevailing trend of consolidation, it has become increasingly imperative for 3PLs to prioritize managing scale and reducing total cost per unit as pivotal strategies to drive profitability in this evolving landscape. Read the ebook to find out how.

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