3PL Automation Assessment

Are you well-equipped
to design warehouse automation solutions?

In just 60 seconds, evaluate and uncover the essential elements to build a scalable solution design process for your automation technologies.

1. On an average, how many warehouse fulfillment solutions are you working on in a week?

2. What technology solutions do you provide for your customer(s)?

3. Which solution types do you typically provide?

4. To provide the above solutions, how many vendors are you working with?

5. Do you use a simulation to demonstrate your end-to-end solution design to potential customers?

6. How many different tools do you use to arrive at a single solution?

7. How long does it take to design these technology solutions?

8. Is your pre-sales team centralized with a need to review and audit different solutions across time zones?

9. Do you need a single view across multiple areas and types of automation?


Compare and identify the right-fit automation technologies that can help you win deals

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