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to create 3PL Advantage

Supply Chain Outsourcing going mainstream:

Opportunity bigger than ever

With the exponential growth in ecommerce across the world, innovative capabilities for fulfillment, last mile delivery, return logistics etc. have become critical. But the technology and now capability investment is difficult to build and justify over a short term. Therefore, retailers are looking to partner with 3PLs, leveraging their innovations to tackle the demand driven e-fulfillment challenges.

As the industry witnesses remarkable growth in 2021, retailers banks heavily on their 3PL partners for support.

So, are you ready to meet the rising expectations?

Challenges faced by 3PLs



Warehouse Management Software

Speed of

Omnichannel Fulfillment






Last year, pandemic, underscored the necessity of omnichannel agility. Under this spotlight also came the realization that many companies weren’t fully prepared for a global pandemic of this nature

GreyOrange transforming 3PL supply chain (omnichannel agility) using next gen technology

3PL Advantage

Delivering Peace of Mind, Helping 3PLs
Secure Long Term Contracts from their customers

Margin to Fulfill:

50% less labor requirement

Scale to Fulfill:

2,500+ Robots working at a single site

Power to Fulfill:

Improve Productivity by 4x-6x

Speed to Fulfill:

Shipping (close to) 1 Million Units per week

The RangerTM series of intelligent fulfillment robots


AI-Driven Software

The world is always changing, so GreyOrange offers a Fulfillment Operating System (FOS), the only modern fulfillment platform that uses AI driven software and smart robots that work together to continuously solve the modern fulfillment problem. We have built and proven the most advanced fulfillment system that is being adopted by global 3PLs as a platform.
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Modern retail is fast and fluctuating. GreyOrange advanced fulfillment science helps you keep inventory in motion at the pace of demand.