Dafiti serves customers faster with GreyOrange smart warehousing


“We chose GreyOrange to support our fulfillment operations because we want to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience with reliable, fast delivery times and complete visibility. As we plan for future growth, we knew that within the next five years, we’d need a solution that could give us increased flexibility and scalability.”

– Jose Miguel Cortés, Chief Operating Officer for Spanish-speaking countries, Dafiti Group

In an ultra-competitive labor market, it was becoming increasingly challenging and costly for fashion ecommerce retailer Dafiti to deliver on its customer promises: the best online shopping experience with 48 hrs or less delivery and free 30-day returns. After deploying GreyOrange automated, agile and intelligent conveying and sorting solutions, Dafiti can ship customer orders faster and with greater accuracy, which is especially beneficial during peak seasons.

GO Impact

  • Projected to save approximately USD 3 million over five years
  • Increased maximum sortation throughput by up to 65%
  • Expected decrease in labor needs by up to 40%
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