MicroFulfillment Center ROI

Consumer demand for same-day delivery is growing exponentially. A recent study found that over 96% of customers now consider “fast delivery” to mean same-day delivery.

That’s why many retailers are turning to microfufillment center (MFC) robotic automation to:

  • Save on labor costs: Reduce annual and peak labor expenses
  • Speed up deliveries: Expedite order fulfillment, leading to increased sales and loyal customers
  • Reclaim space: Maximize the square footage of your warehouse
  • Reduce errors: Cut costs associated with order inaccuracies

The ROI calculator

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotic automation, making informed financial decisions is paramount.

Our MFC ROI Calculator enables businesses to assess the return on investment for implementing microfulfillment solutions. By inputting key data points, such as throughput and square footage, it offers comprehensive insights into the potential financial benefits of deploying an automated MFC.

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