Hai Robotics Podcast: Inside the Warehouses of Retail Titans

How are leading global retailers achieving next-day order fulfillment for tens of thousands of customers every day? This episode of Hai-er Automation delves into a critical aspect driving this level of success: the implementation of goods-to-person warehouse automation.

Retailers worldwide rely on advanced robotic solutions such as Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) to revolutionize their fulfillment processes. By embracing goods-to-person technology, these industry giants optimize their workflows, enhance efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced omnichannel environment.

Join Sumit Tiwary, Director at GreyOrange, and Brian Reinhart, Chief Revenue Officer at Hai Robotics, as they provide insights into how top retailers harness these systems to drive transformative changes in their operations.



(0:00) Welcome to the podcast!

(01:15) Speaker introductions

(02:59) Modern goods-to-person fulfillment explained

(06:03) What is ASRS?

(06:55) Retailers’ big shift to flexible robotics

(09:30) Real-world use cases

(17:24) Futureproofing your operation

(20:51) Looking ahead: GreyOrange, Hai & ASRS tech

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